Acai Powder

Our Products: Acai Powder

This 100% pure, organic acai powder might very well be the next best thing to a perfectly ripened, hand-picked acai berry straight off the tree! Our acai berries are hand-selected for us. Their pulp is separated from the seeds for ideal sweetness and then freeze-dried to remove all their moisture which is then ground to a fine powder and immediately packaged for ultimate freshness; bringing you the true taste and nutrition of acai berry in raw powder form.

Acai berries offer a strong combination of antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids (3, 6, and 9); they're a source of iron, calcium, and fibre, too, but are particularly higher than like-fruits in anthocyanin-the antioxidant believed to be the driving force behind acai's free-radical fighting power. It's also what gives the berries their luxurious, deep purple colour.