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Immune Booster Bundle

Immune Booster Bundle

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Organic Camu Camu Powder is a delicious and tangy premium fruit powder derived from the berries of the Camu Camu bush, native to the South American Rainforest. It has great nutritional value and the berries are prized for having the highest Vitamin C content of any food - an amazing 220% of the recommended daily requirement per serving.

Organic Cacao powder is the pure cacao 'fiber' with the butter removed. It is prepared from only the finest criollo variety cacao beans, processed at a low temperature and then cold-pressed. Our cacao powder is an exceptionally versatile superfood that’s high in antioxidants and macro/micro nutrients. Our premium quality cacao products come to you from the Amazon jungle region of Peru.

Organic Acai powder contains a strong combination of antioxidants, amino acids, and omega fatty acids (3, 6, and 9); they're a source of iron, calcium, and fibre, too, but are particularly higher than like-fruits in anthocyanin-the antioxidant believed to be the driving force behind acai's free-radical fighting power. It's also what gives the berries their luxurious, deep purple colour.