250g Cacao Nibs Raw Organic

250g Cacao Nibs Raw Organic

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Earth Notions raw, organic cacao nibs are pure, premium quality criollo variety cacao beans. They are unroasted, unsweetened and lightly fermented. Since our nibs are 100% unprocessed, they’re still 'biologically active'. No heat used is your assurance of the highest nutritional content possible. Cacao is considered one of the highest antioxidant superfoods on the market. Our premium quality cacao products come to you from the amazon jungle region of Peru.

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QUALITY GUARANTEED - Earth Notions is committed to sourcing only premium products from trusted and authentic sources. We guarantee the quality of this product and stand behind it 100%. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us.


Bitter, but less tannic than the whole cacao bean.


Raw whole food nutrition, and convenience (skin and germ already removed so you don't have to do it yourself.)


100% Criollo cacao beans (the world's finest bean variety.)


Certified organic from the Peruvian Amazon.


Enjoy these cacao nibs the same way you would our cacao beans (pretty much any way you want!) Their ready-to-use state and small size, make them ideal as an ingredient in both your no-bake dessert and baked goods recipes. They're a great substitution for baker's chocolate and the natural choice over sugary, over-processed, nutrient-depleted commercial chocolate chips.


Preservative-free. Gluten-free. Non-irradiated.

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