Super Food Essentials:

Ready-to-use super seed powders

There's nothing like whole food nutrition without the wait, specially when it comes to red Quinoa and Amaranth seeds. Two highly nutritious, plant-based proteins which often get overlooked in the pantry because we're too pressed for time to cook them right.

Versus whole seeds that must be rinsed free of surface starches and saponins, and thoroughly cooked to be digested with ease; these instant, no-cooking-required, super seed powders take the work out of prep and come out on top for convenience and variety. Maximum nutrition is captured in Earth Notions instant powders as quinoa and amaranth seeds lose over HALF their value when cooked.

Earth Notions non-GMO, premium quality, certified organic Quinoa and Amaranth powders are delicious, nutritious and more digestible than other brands due to their preparation. Our proprietary formula uses flash applications of minimal heat, timing, and pressure to sanitize the seed and break down each seed's starch component so the nutrients bound within can be released. These nutrients would otherwise remain trapped within these starch chains unable to be digested or absorbed and ultimately eliminated by the body. Inferior preparation methods such as miscalculated algorithms, extreme heat, and over-cooking can destroy the seed's nutritional integrity entirely, thus produce a poor quality substitute to premium brands.

The formula our seeds undergo, makes vital nutrients widely available to us and guarantees optimum levels of purity, concentration, digestibility, solubility, and nutrient absorption, without the use of chemicals to assure you maximum whole nutrition in a 'Instant Ready To Use' powder form.