Ensuring good health and well being depends not only on what we eat but also on how well our bodies turn the food we eat into the energy we need to survive-and effectively getting rid of what we don't.

During the digestive process most of the foods we eat form mucoid substances in the intestinal tract; but, while most of this mucoid material passes from the body in the normal elimination process, some of it remains behind clinging to the intestinal walls and over time, it builds up as intestinal plaque.

Intestinal plaque prevents proper assimilation of nutrients, blocks proper elimination and serves as a breeding ground for parasites and pathogens that can pollute your entire system, creating a condition known as a toxic colon-the harmful effects of which contributes to varying degrees of illness and an overall unhealthy body. Among other factors, the less whole foods and fibre you consume and the more refined sugars, meats, processed foods, and unhealthy fats you do consume, compound over time. The degree to which you've been eating a less-than-wholesome diet, most likely results in a greater amount of colon plaque.

A detox diet, a juice cleanse, or a food fast is not the answer to ridding your colon of the plaque, either. These are unsustainable, usually extreme remedies that help us feel "better" in the short term; and unfortunately, that flushing effect you're after is also contributing to the flushing out of the good gut flora (i.e., lactobacteria) necessary for many of our body's systems to function properly.

Most commonly referred to as the "Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program," and distributed exclusively in Canada by Earth Notions, Holistic Horizons is the brand name of the only cleansing products on the market that use the special herbal formulations developed by author and expert nutrition counsellor, Robert Gray.

In his authoritative book, you'll learn everything you need to know about the importance of good colon health and hygiene, why this cleanse works, and how you too can gain new health through colon rejuvenation using this easy-to-follow intestinal cleansing herbal program. If you're new to cleansing, The Colon Health Handbook is a great resource

But you don't have to buy the book to get started-nor do you have to do anything special to prepare for the program, so you can start immediately. To make your cleansing decision easier, we encourage you to learn more using the links below: