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Organic Maca Root Powder

Maca root is a legendary Peruvian staple food prized for its superior nutritional value and for its positive effects on mood, energy, fertility and libido-according to both modern in vitvo clinical trials and routine maca eaters across The Americas.

Maca Powder

Introduced to the world food stage in the late 1980s, maca's centuries-old journey of nutritional, cultural, and socio-economic importance in Peru has been revived by scientific nutritional analysis and favourable findings. Enough research to help maca shed its 'fringe food' image and take its rightful place as a super food of the world.

In Peruvian cuisine, it's common for maca root to be prepared and eaten like a potato; but here in Canada, we enjoy maca in a gently dried, finely milled powder form; expertly prepared for safe consumption and maximum nutritional value. To avoid eating a poor quality maca that might also make you sick, it's important to always know your maca brand well for maximum food safety, after-prep nutritional content, and nutrient bio-availability since not all maca powders are created equal.

All Earth Notions organic maca root powders are equally outstanding in quality carbs, protein, fibre, lipids; are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, free fatty acids, and several other essential nutrients. And, they've been expertly prepared (gelatinized) so that they're safe to eat without compromising the whole food nutrition you're after....more information on maca nutrition can be found here.

More research is needed; however, early studies have spotlighted benefits unique to maca's skin colour:

We are proud to offer you maca powders that have been prepared using leading methods (proprietary to our supplier) that ensures our maca is:

Earth Notions maca powders offer you premium quality, whole food nutrition. They are filler-free. Preservative-free. Non-irradiated. Naturally gluten-free. Certified organic. Our name on the package is your assurance of the highest quality, we guarantee it.