ORGANIC Goji Powder

Goji Powder

This 100% pure goji powder might very well be the next best thing to a perfectly ripened, hand-picked goji berry straight off the vine! As soon as they're picked, our organically grown goji berries are immediately freeze-dried to remove all their moisture so their flesh can be ground to a fine powder, then immediately packaged for ultimate freshness - bringing you the true taste (and whole food nutrition) of the goji berry in raw powder form.

Taste: Sweet, just like a quality goji berry (a cross between a cranberry and a cherry.)

Valued for: Great source of antioxidants and key essential nutrients.

Ingredients: 100% finely ground, Lycium barbarum (goji) fruit.

Our Source: China, Ningxia Region

Grade: Certified organic.

Bonus: Preservative-free. Non-irradiated.

How to Enjoy: Mix with water to make your own goji juice at home, or to make your own goji berry tea! Add it to fresh-squeezed fruit juices, your favourite smoothie recipe, shakes, yogurts, your homemade ice creams...or experiment with your own healthful creations.

Store in a cool, dry place after opening.