RAW ORGANIC cacao paste

Cacao Paste

Referred to as "cacao liquor" this alkali-free cacao paste is finely-milled raw cacao nib with all of its natural properties intact (just over half that being cacao butter, the rest is pure, antioxidant-rich cacao solids.) Since it's actually a solid mass and not a liquid (and definitely not alcoholic) it's what we consider 100% pure, organic dark chocolate in (almost) bar form as most of us know chocolate to be.

Taste: Bitter.

Valued for: Raw whole food nutrition. Smoothness. Versatility as an ingredient.

Ingredients: 100% Criollo cacao paste (the world's finest bean variety.)

Our Source: Peruvian Amazon.

Grade: Certified organic.

Bonus: Preservative-free. Gluten-free. Non-irradiated. No alkali.

How to Enjoy: Use cacao paste in place of conventional chocolate (or in any recipe that calls for unsweetened chocolate) to make beverages, confections, desserts, sauces and more.

Store in a cool, dry place after opening.