Apricot Kernels

apricot kernels

Apricots are considered one of the world's healthiest fruits but their perfectly good seeds need not go to waste!

The apricot seed (kernel) is found inside the apricot stone (pit) and is about the size of a small, shelled almond. Even after having been separated from their hulls, these raw apricot kernels are extremely bitter but if you can acquire a taste for them, they are a natural source of vitamin E, protein, a little bit of fibre, lots of monosaturated fats and have a high amygdalin content.

We source our apricot kernels from North America when apricots are in season. The seeds are air-dried at room temperature before being packaged.

Caution: While sweet apricot kernels may be substituted for almonds in some recipes raw, bitter apricot kernels should only be eaten in low quantities and in moderation. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns eating excessive amounts of raw, bitter apricot kernels can cause acute cyanide poisoning. This is due to its amygdalin content. Amygdalin is a naturally occurring toxin found in most fruit seeds including apple, pear, peach, cherry, nectarine, as well as apricot, It is also found in some beans and many grasses such as wheatgrass. While our bodies can handle small amounts of this toxin, eating excessive amounts is not recommended.

Taste: Extremely bitter, and almost almond-like in flavour.

Valued for: B17, protein content and vitamin E.

Ingredients: 100% air-dried apricot kernels. Approximately 700 kernels/bag.

Our Source: North America.

Grade: Conventional.

Bonus: Preservative-free. Non-irradiated.

How to Enjoy: Bitter apricot kernels are popular in Mediterranean cuisine adding a distinct flavour to many sweet and savoury dishes where they are used raw or roasted; but most people prefer to eat them straight out of the bag. It's suggested that you begin taking the kernels in small quantities such as 2 - 3 kernels daily.