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Get to know the benefits of our new instant super seed powders (Red Quinoa and Amaranth) in this month's issue of Vitality Magazine! Or read it online.


Spring Specials: Try something new and save! Online customers save 20% on your purchase of Organic Cacao Maca Smoothie Mix and Ancient Superblend Powder.


NEW! Whole food nutrition in an instant! Ready-to-use, no cooking required Quinoa and Amaranth Seed powders plus a great-tasting Ancient Superblend Smoothie Mix.
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Vicky J. Hachey, RHN talks to us about the growing popularity of maca root, its robust nutritional profile, and the importance of choosing the right maca product.
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Happy New Year!

May the sweet taste of our goji berries and our antioxidant-rich cacao products inspire a brand new year of healthful living! And, since we're on the subject: January seems like a perfect time to celebrate with the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program.